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Congratulations Darren

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Did you know that 2020 marks Darren’s 20 year anniversary of working at Berwick Pharmacy?

He did a six day placement as a university student back in 2000, and loved it so much, he continued to work there, did his intern year there, and eventually, bought into the business!

He loves the Berwick community so much, he’ll probably still be there in 20 more years.

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Medico-Paks make taking medicines easier

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If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get more organised, maybe it’s time you thought about having your medicines packed in a Medico-Pak.

Medico-Paks make taking medicines easier. We’ll store your prescriptions safely at the pharmacy, so you won’t need to worry about running out of medicines.

Using the latest technology, our pharmacists and dispensary technicians will prepare an individualised weekly pack for you, so you can easily take the correct medicines at the correct times.

Medico-Paks are clearly labelled with the names, strengths and doses of your medicines, which means you can bring them to medical appointments and doctors can easily see which medicines you take. Read More >

Myth busting – Novel Coronavirus

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Myth busting – Novel Coronavirus

Posted 10 February 2020 by Better Health Channel Team

man blowing his nose in front of computerWhat we know: the facts about novel coronavirus

In late 2019 cases of a novel coronavirus started to be reported. There have been some cases in Victoria, and the Department of Health and Human Services has worked closely with the Victorian health sector, Commonwealth and international agencies to help keep people safe, healthy and informed. Read More >

What is febfast?

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febfast is where individuals call time-out on alcohol, sugar or another vice of their choice, to support disadvantaged youth in Australia. It is the perfect excuse to kick-start the year with a little good health and good will.

Across Australia, thousands of people give up alcohol or sugar for the month of February to raise funds for young people experiencing serious disadvantage to access the resources and support they require to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Febfast lady with ice-cream

Congratulations to the Pure Vitamin C10 Serum from La Roche-Posay

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Congratulations to the Pure Vitamin C10 Serum from La Roche-Posay, which has been awarded Best Skincare Product in the Prix de Marie Claire Awards for 2019!

Illuminates skin, improves radiance and reduces visible signs of ageing.

Come and speak to Lesley and learn more about this incredible French skincare brand.

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