Protect yourself from the flu!

Flu vaccines for ages 10 and older are available now, and can be booked online. Yes, this includes vaccines for people aged 65 and older.
– Subject to availability of the appropriate vaccine and a trained pharmacist.
– Cost $25 per person.
At an administration cost of $15 per person, government-subsidised flu vaccines are also available for those eligible, including people who:
– are over 65 years old
– have chronic medical conditions
– are pregnant
– are of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander descent.
Note – those eligible may obtain their flu vaccines from their GP, and this may be bulk-billed.
It is safe to receive your flu vaccine on the same day as your COVID vaccine. Ensure your vaccines are up to date to protect yourself as much as possible for peak flu/COVID season.
Appointments preferred, but walk-ins available. Book via your Medadvisor app or via our booking link below.
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