Our pharmacists are available to help you get the most out of your medicines. You can find accurate information about your medicines here

At Berwick Pharmacy we can provide information about your medicines, advice about extra services such as dose sachets (to help with regular daily dosing) and we can provide Home Medicines Reviews for our patients, when requested by your General Practitioner.

You may have looked up information about your medicines on the internet but talking to one of our pharmacists can help clarify that information and put it into the correct context.

If you are taking medicines regularly, it is important for you to have a close relationship with a pharmacist you trust.

It is also an advantage when your pharmacist is aware of all the medicines you are taking, including “over the counter” medicines, to make sure you are taking a safe combination of medicines.

Your prescription history is stored securely and privately and is accessible only by your pharmacist in our pharmacy.

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