N°5. A code name and a scent distinct from all others

Chanel No 5 L'EAU Eau de Toilette Spray

You know me and you don’t.

N°5. A code name and a scent distinct from all others.

Today N°5 L’EAU, the rewriting of a myth and the audacity to transform a heritage in a contemporary tale. A new momentum.

The new N°5 is pure evidence. The perfume is crystal clear. The fragrance feels like a light breeze of citruses’ zests, aldehydes, ylang ylang, cedar and white musks. A reinvention made by Olivier Polge, CHANEL perfumer, created this reimagined fragrance while scrupulously remaining true to what makes N°5 timeless: its originality.

Citrus – The vibrant presence of citrus zest reveals the familiar aromas of lemon, neroli, orange and tangerine revitalised by aldehydes.

Ylang Ylang – Ylang Ylang enhances all the nuances of a bouquet also made of rose and jasmine.

Cedar and White Musk Notes – The union of cedar and white musks notes reveal a new, fresh sensitivity.

 How to use
The eau de toilette comes in a spray for smooth and supple application on skin or clothing.


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