Meet our team at Berwick Pharmacy

This is our team of amazing pharmacists! It must have been a blue moon for us to get them all (except one)in the one place and take this photo!

From left to right, we have:
🧡 Ruth, loves to sew and all things Disney
🐢 Darren, Bulldogs supporter and loves a game of golf
πŸš™ Alber, loves a family road trip, especially to Venus Bay
🍣 Diane, big fan of Japanese food and movies
πŸ§€ Gowen, cheese aficionado who loves to travel
🎹 We are only missing Anish, piano player extraordinaire and loves attempting complicated recipes with her husband!

Separately? They’re all individuals with different interests and skills, but together? They are intelligent, efficient multi-taskers who all care deeply about our customers and their health.

We feel so blessed to have them all working with us everyday πŸ’•

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