Macula Month 1 – 31 May

May is Macula Month, our annual awareness campaign to help Australians understand their risk of macular diseases. When you understand your risk, and know what to do, you can take early action that could save your sight.

The 2021 Macula Month will be extra special. We’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of Macular Disease Foundation Australia. That’s 20 years of impact on behalf of the macular disease community we serve.

This May, we’ll focus on Check My Macula. Check My Macula is a short online quiz that reveals your individual risk factors for macular disease in less than a minute and helps you learn what to do.

Doing the quiz takes just 60 seconds – 60 seconds that could save your sight.

With tens of thousands already taking the quiz, Check My Macula is a hugely successful tool to educate people over 50 about their risks of macular disease. And, of course, to encourage them to have regular eye exams.

Please do the quiz. If you are already living with macular disease, please share the link with your family and friends this Macula Month.