How to wear a mask correctly

It is important that when you wear a face covering you do so correctly to protect yourself and others.
To wear a face covering correctly:
> The mask should fit snug on your face.
> Be secured by ties at the back of your head or ear loops.
> Ensure that your mask does not have holes or a valve, or tears or broken loops. This can result in breathing out the virus if you have coronavirus (COVID-19).
> Wash your hands or use 60% hand sanitiser before putting the face mask on and off.
Face coverings can can be single-use (surgical) or reusable/washable cotton masks.
Whilst wearing a face covering adds an additional protective physical barrier to protect you and your loved ones, Victorians still need to keep 1.5 metres from others, wash your hands often, and cough or sneeze into your elbow or tissue.
More information on how to wear a mask correctly here 
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