Do you develop dry skin in winter?

Winter can be a tricky time for people with dry skin, especially if they have dermatitis or eczema.

Ensure skin has the moisture and protection it needs with the QV range of skincare and bath products. All formulated to be gentle on irritated skin.

Some tips which may help:
💦 Avoid overheating, which can make skin itchier and more irritated. Wear layers of clothing so you can take them off as you warm up.
💦 Avoid clothes made from scratchy materials. You may find 100% cotton to be soft and warm.
💦 Apply moisturisers immediately after bathing as they will be absorbed better.

If you have skin conditions, speak to one of team to see whether any of these products might be suitable for you and for more advice.

📸 pic credit @happy_country_home via QV Skincare

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