Big Red BBQ and Kidney Health

Looking to make a difference this year? Consider hosting your very own Big Red BBQ in support of Kidney Health Australia.

You can hold your Big Red BBQ anywhere at any time. Have one with your family and friends at home, host one at work and invite your colleagues, go to a park with your neighbours, arrange one at a community function centre or your local church, school or uni. The possibilities are endless. 

Proceeds raised from your Big Red BBQ will go towards  programs to promote good kidney health through education, advocacy, research and support.

So why not do what you do best this summer by hosting a Big Red BBQ while making a difference to Australians affected by kidney disease.

Registration is free, so sign up today. You will receive a free event pack in the mail containing donation tins, red napkins, posters, postcards, balloons and more!

Find out more at

Details and registration
If you would like to register or need further information, please phone the events team on 03 9674 4310 or email

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