Ageing – Quality with Quantity

6.9 million Australians are now aged 50 years and over.

Australia has an ageing population. We are enjoying longer and in general healthier lives. However, as we grow older we are increasingly more likely to experience increased ill health. Health conditions and impairments such as arthritis, hearing loss and dementia become more common as people get older.

Regardless of our age or physical condition, we all benefit from taking an active interest in and control of our health.

Pharmacists, along with doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals can assist you to make informed decisions. Pharmacists can help in specific ways with services such as the Home Medicines Review, MedsCheck and Diabetes MedsCheck. Your pharmacist can provide a wide range of products, medicines, services and useful consumer health information on a wide range of topics for individual needs.

Next time you’re at Berwick Pharmacy ask your pharmacist how they can help you.

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